SEO content for SaaS companies,
as a service

A monthly subscription. Done-for-you SEO services that increase MRR. For SaaS companies doing +$10,000/mo.
By people who built & sold SaaS companies, through SEO.
fully-managed SEO Services

How it works

No more "book a call", requesting a proposal, waiting X days, only to hear back about a minimum investment + setup fees + etc.
SEO as you know is out the door.
1. Subscribe & define goals (e.g. MRR growth)
2. Receive updates & deliverables every 2 business days, on average.
3. See rankings and MRR grow. We'll do revisions until you're 100% satisfied.
"I would be worth 10 times what I am today if I had not built this audience and instead had just done SEO"
Rob Walling

What you get: updates every 2 business days

You'll get updates and deliverables (content, strategy, etc) on avg. every 48h. We plan to always keep on moving - and to update you.

What you get: ROI

It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Our SEO work leads to your making more money than you're spending with us.

What you get: 100% done-for-you SEO

You SaaS company's SEO is on autopilot. No input from you (unless you want to), all done-for-you.

What you DON'T get: meetings and stolen time blocks

Don't like meetings? Neither do we: your communication with us will be 100% async. We deliver results without time-consuming check-ins.

What you DON'T get: boring reports

Ultimately, analytics + Stripe dashboards don't lie. We won't bore you with long reports that is busywork. We'd rather spend that time writing revenue-generating content.

Our Work & Results

Case study #1 is a SaaS company we’ve built and sold/exited.
We’ve built the SEO foundation for bringing tens of thousands of visitors per month
All highly-qualified traffic that converted into MRR.
Part of the acquisition’s attractiveness stood in the SEO base that had.
250+ keywords in positions 1-3
800+ keywords
Domain rating: 0 to 62
Bonus: YouTube SEO
Daily new MRR thanks to SEO foundation
Case study #2


Backlinks: 0 to 900+ referring domains
With backlinks from: 9 Wikipedias (top example from EN Wikipedia - search for SignHouse)
Domain rating: 0 to 56
0 to 3,800+ keywords, out of which 1,000 are in top 1-3 positions.
Case study #3

From 4,000 clicks/day to 6,500 clicks/day
3,000+ new keywords in the top 1-3 positions
More benefits are estimated to be visible in the following months
Daily new MRR thanks to SEO foundation


Find a plan, get SEO results, pause anytime.
No minimum commitment. Pause or cancel anytime.
15 articles/month
SEO work aiming to increase MRR
Unlimited ∞ requests/revisions
Easy card payments via
Pause or cancel anytime
1/3 spots available. Price increase afterwards.
Get started now
Price increase soon. Your rate won't change if you lock in now.
30 articles/month
📹 SEO Videos: 1 video at a time (avg. 72h delivery)
SEO work aiming to increase MRR
Unlimited ∞ requests/revisions
Easy card payments via
Pause or cancel anytime
1/3 spots available. Price increase afterwards.
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Top value!


Are there any meetings/calls?

We operate on a no-meeting, totally asynchronous policy.

We are as responsive as we can. Our aim is:

1. To be as productive, efficient and focused as possible
2. To not steal any time blocks from you. You're already busy, most probably.

As a consequence, we do not communicate using Slack, Zoom, Teams, etc. Rather, communication will be via email and Trello (where we organise our work for+with you).

Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?

No, there is no limit!

After subscribing, you're free to add as many SEO requests to your queue as you desire, if you have any.

If not, we'll simply add them for what we think is best for you. We work through them sequentially to ensure each task receives our complete attention.

Why shouldn’t I hire an agency or a full-time SEO person?

Great question! Firstly, employing a full-time SEO team (SEO Expert, content writers, etc) or agency can add up to a significant yearly budget, often over $100,000/yr (+ benefits, insurance, etc), and identifying a readily available one might be challenging. Additionally, there might not always be constant work for them, thus you could end up paying for unproductive time.

With an agency, the story can get even more complicated. Introductory call, proposal call, this-and-that call… RFPs, quotes, etc. Only to start 1w or 1m later.

With our monthly plan at SaaSPad, you can start today.

You have the flexibility to pause and resume your subscription to match your workload. In essence, you only pay when there's work for us to handle, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

How fast will I get the work?

On average, most requests are completed in just two days or less. However, more complex requests can take longer.

Who are the people behind this? How do I know you’re legit?

SaaSPad is an agency of two: Daniel and David.

We have built several companies, mostly through SEO.

  • We run Reddit SaaS (r/SaaS), a community with ~70,000 members
  • We have built and sold, a SaaS company built mainly through SEO
  • We’ve been creating content, e.g. The Usual SaaS-pects podcast, or video content on YouTube
  • We have a social media presence, as we’ve been building our personal brands for years
  • We also run other companies - CH Group

How does the pause feature work?

We realize that you might not always have a month's worth of SEO needs. You may just have a few SEO tasks in the pipeline. This is exactly why our subscription pause feature is useful.

We operate on 31 day billing cycles. If you sign up and use the service for, say, 21 days, and then choose to pause, your billing cycle too pauses. That leaves you with 10 remaining service days to be utilized whenever needed in the future.

How do I make requests?

We use Trello in the most flexible way possible.

Whether you write your requests directly in Trello, attach a Google Doc, Loom video or anything else - it all works.

If it can be linked/added in Trello, we’re set!

What if I don't like the work?

No stress then. We’ll continue revising the work until you’re 100% satisfied.

What if I only have a single request?

That's okay. You're free to pause your subscription after we complete the task and reactivate it when you have more SEO needs. This way, you don't leave any unused portion of your subscription hanging. There's no need to let the remainder of your subscription go to waste.

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?

Due to the nature of the work (services), refunds cannot be issued.

However, we believe our services will pay for itself eventually, since our SEO work is focused to bring you MRR/growth.
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